Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful women in the world!  As I sit here contemplating on the meaning of this special day for me, I can't help but smile and be overjoyed by the miracle of life. Our own life would not exist if it were not for the selfless sacrifice of our mother. ... Continue Reading →


I've always been a seeker from a very young age. I have to know the "why" behind everything but I've wanted to know the answers to the big questions. Why are we here? Why do people believe in certain things? Why do people act, and react, in certain ways? As a young child I didn't... Continue Reading →

Life Without Social Media

It's day 5 of life without Social Media and I'm alive! Removing Social Media from my life hasn't killed me. I never realized how much time I spent watching other people's lives instead of living my own; what a sad realization. What people post online is only a minute part of their life; the very... Continue Reading →

What is my Dream?

Day 3 of my journey and I'm no closer to figuring out what my dream is but I know I'm doing the actions that will help me discover what it is. As a young girl I had a dream to become a makeup artist to the stars. That was a BIG dream! Living in a... Continue Reading →


What is my dream? What is my purpose? What is my passion? What brings me joy? How do I get my creativity back? How can I tap into my intuition? How can I make a difference? What makes me uniquely me? What gets me out of bed in the morning excited about my life? I... Continue Reading →

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