Spiritual Moment

Yesterday, someone I know gave me wonderful news; she is going to my dream vacation spot for 2 weeks this summer. Her and her husband are going to Bali! I’m so happy and excited for them as she’s had a very difficult year [plus] due to medical issues and a major surgery. She’s physically healed but she now wants to focus on her emotional and spiritual healing.

This is amazing! I am always so happy when someone tells me they’re searching inward for self-discovery; more people need to do this.

One thing she said struck me. She said she chose this location in particular because she wanted to feel “moved” and because she’s open to being moved, she will be looking for it and I believe she’ll experience it while she’s there.

I write about this today because I want to remind you that you don’t need to go to a “spiritual” place to be moved. If a person is open to this experience, even if they’re in the oldest Buddhist temple they will never feel moved by the spirit. You can have a spiritual moment anywhere, anyplace, anytime, you just have to look for it.

Today, see if you can have a moment in your day to day actions by looking deeply and being mindful of your actions and interactions with those around you.

Light and Love, Namaste.


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