What’s Your Currency?

We have undervalued ourselves much too much and way too often; we have done things we didn’t necessarily want to do at a great cost to our emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

How often do you say yes when you really want to say no? This could be written from the opposite point of view as well but for so many of us, we pay out more than we earn. Your  paycheck has nothing to do with your currency, although if you say yes when you should be saying no due to the size of your paycheck, then it does directly affect it.

Our society and cultural norms often dictate how we act, and react in our lives. How we dress, how we wear our hair, how we speak and communicate, how many “things” we should have, who we’re friends with, who we vote for, and countless other daily tasks that we literally don’t think about as we’re performing them.

Social media has become blatant at dictating how we should “be”. The number of “likes” we get on our social media pages has become synonymous with how valuable and worthy we are. We are all guilty of posting an image, an idea, a thought and then checking multiple times throughout the day to see how many people have reacted to it. I’m not saying we shouldn’t use social media; I believe it’s a very powerful way to connect humanity across the globe, we just need to be aware of the cost of using it is all.

The currency I speak of is the cost of not being authentic to who we are. We sell ourselves short way too often.

You should be able to look in the mirror and love the person reflected back at you, not because you think her to be beautiful by societal standards, but because she stands up for herself, because she doesn’t allow anyone to make her conform to their idea of feminine, because she makes decisions based on her values and ethics, because she has ideas and valuable opinions, because she is not afraid to be unique, and because her currency is unmatched by any other.

I’m still searching for this woman; I know she’s in there.

There’s a delicate balancing act at play here, to stand out and stand tall in authenticity while fitting into something much, much grander than oneself.

It’s ok to say YES to people, to things, to situations but remember, NO is a complete sentence.




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