Ladies, you are FABULOUS, warrior goddesses! As women it is in our nature to be care-givers and we often overlook the most important–ourselves; I’ve personally neglected this for a very long time.

I want to share with you some easy ways to show yourselves some love because it’s so very important and it’s so easy to neglect ourselves! Self-care comes in many forms; some we don’t even think of as such but all these little things add up.

  1. Sleep.
    alone bed bedroom blur
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    • How is this self-care you may ask? If I don’t get enough quality sleep, I am in no condition to go out into the world let alone take care of anything else throughout the day. I personally cannot function with less than 7 hours of sleep, 8 is even better. Create a bed-time ritual; shut down social-media a minimum of one hour before lights out, make your bedroom a beautiful, peaceful place conducive of sleep, have a deliciously scented candle on your nightstand, and have some comfortable sleepwear.
  2. Exercise.
    balance body exercise female
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    • This is a tough one for me, I have to psyche myself up and talk myself into it but once it’s over I feel great for the remainder of the day!
  3. Reading.
    fashion woman girl women
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    • This is one of my absolute favorite things to do! I typically have 2 or 3 books going at the same time on different topics so I can switch things up and keep it interesting.
  4. Flowers.
    personal organizer and pink flowers on desk
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    • Seeing and smelling beautiful flowers in my house just makes me happy. Every now and then, treat yourself to a bouquet, you deserve it!
  5. Pamper yourself.
    woman relaxing relax spa
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    • Go out for a mani/pedi, get a facial, or a massage. I promise you’ll feel better immediately.
  6. See a friend.
    people girl design happy
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    • Sometimes all we need is a little girl time. Am I right, ladies? You could go for the mani/pedi together; what a fun afternoon!
  7. Beach time.
    woman lying on white sand beach
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    • There’s nothing more relaxing than the sound of crashing waves along the shore. Bring a book with you and some healthy treats and you’ll kick it up a notch with self-care.
  8. Hire a babysitter.
    woman carrying baby boy wearing white tank top infront of white curtain inside the room
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    • If you have young children that can’t be alone, hire a babysitter and take time away to recharge your batteries. Go out for a lovely meal, go to an adult movie, go out to listen to live music; do what you love that you normally wouldn’t do with your kids.
  9. Enjoy a cup of tea.
    tea cup served with full tea placed on a saucer and on top of a white hard cover book
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    • I LOVE tea. That’s an understatement. Buy an exotic blend that you haven’t tried before and enjoy it in a beautiful teacup wearing comfy sweatpants and poufy slippers with your hair up in a ponytail. Turn the ringer off your phone, or shut it down completely. Everyone could use a social media detox daily; this could be the perfect time for it.
  10. Take a nap.
    person holding gray and white throw pillow
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    • This is a hard one for me to do but sometimes it’s necessary. Grab a comfortable pillow and a soft, fuzzy blanket, curl up on the couch and get some zzzzs.

This is a very short list of some easy things we can do to show ourselves some love. Some of them may even become habits!

What are some ways that you exercise self-care? I’d love to hear from you! Have a fantastic day and make sure to take care of yourself today and every day.

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