Always Show Up For Yourself


How many times have you read this phrase: NO MATTER HOW YOU FEEL, GET UP, DRESS UP, SHOW UP, AND NEVER GIVE UP?

I’ve read this many, many times over the past several years. It made sense. I mean, why would I not want to? My questions with this motivational idea was this: what am I showing up for? Where am I going? And what do I wear to this imaginary, seemingly magical place?

And then, just recently, it all made sense. I had as Oprah calls it, an A-ha! moment. Serena Williams stated it so simply in 5 little words that jumped off the page and slapped me in the face. Always show up for yourself!!! 

It made so much sense.

Get up. We all need to become conscientious of the world around us. Be aware, and be in the moment. Appreciate all that you have and the immense potential that lies within yourself. Be ready to face the world.

Dress up. This doesn’t mean you have to walk around in designer clothes, dressed to the nines everywhere that you go. To me, this means being aware of who you are and presenting yourself in a way that aligns with your ethics, values, and goals.

Show up. Live in the now! Acknowledge the people around you and the situation that you are in. Put the phone away. Be secure with the person that you are and help lift others up. Just because others are successful does not mean that you cannot be. Just because someone else is beautiful does not mean that you are not.

Brendon Burchard says it perfectly in The Motivation Manifesto 9 Declarations to Claim Your Personal Power: “To spend the full force of our energies advancing toward a Personal Freedom-the genuine life full of vibrancy and meaning-this shall be our aim.”

Never give up. Declare who you are in your actions and in your words (no need to shout it from a mountain top). Work at doing what brings you joy, be passionate, and stand up for something. As Ghandi says, “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

Always show up for yourself. Own it! Be unapologetically who you are; you are unique. There is nobody else in the universe exactly as you are and our differences are what make this world so beautiful.

I show up for myself in a multitude of ways throughout the day. I allow myself to enjoy a cup of tea. I pamper myself by blocking out time to do a facial. I take time to do what I enjoy, like reading a great book and starting this blog. I tell myself positive things throughout the day; I even talk to myself in my bathroom mirror in the morning to help get me motivated to meet the day.

I’m constantly learning and finding new ways to show up for myself. Just like the airlines tell you to put your oxygen mask on first, you must show up for yourself first before you can for anyone else.

How do you show up for yourself?


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